Visit to Posterholt 22-24 march 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014
During the day guests from Germany , France , Luxembourg and Sweden arrive in
Roermond. They take up residence at Theater Hotel Orangery .
In the evening there is a dinner at the restaurant of the Orangery , which pleases everyone very well .
The mood is upbeat and everyone is looking forward to the weekend .

Saturday, March 22, 2014
At 11 o’clock everyone is warmly welcomed by Mayor Monique de Boer of the
Roerdalen Township. She has a word of welcome to all and offers on behalf of the
municipality , a trifle to the Comenius Group . After this time there is a cup of coffee with pastries.
Then it goes to school . Guests get a tour by the school , then the real work begins .

Each country makes a show presentation , which they have worked so far with the
project . Then each country has two books in their own language ,to the residue.
The books are placed in a suitcase , so that children and teachers can use it.
After this we are working in groups.

Each group provides an item of the project , such as the Grimm week , questionaire , home page , skype meetings.
In the evening we walk together at restaurant L’Union , located on the market in Roermond ,
for an excellent dinner.

Sunday, March 23, 2014
At 10 am everyone is present again at school . There is a moment in
working groups , and plenary everybody results played back
brings . Everyone agrees that we all worked hard and good
By noon we have done so far that we can enjoy pizzas.
Then we are going to Castle Aerwinkel .

We are walking through the gardens of the Casle and following a tour of the
castle and its occurrence by two guides . At the end of
the tour is served in the conservatory coffee, tea and pastries. In a cozy
relaxed atmosphere is further talked about the past two days .
Of course, everyone would go shopping in Roermond where the Outlet
Center and the town infested by our guests .
A great end to the day was at restaurant Wok Roermond .
Most have never done this , and the enthusiasm was great , this is good in taste cases .

Especially the Swedish boys are very impressed that they can drink if they want for a price much (read beer )

Monday, March 24, 2014
This day is entirely dedicated to the children in school . In the morning hours of each group gets two presentations on a country to see. The children respond very enthusiastically and in some groups the presentations even walk out .
Although there is talk in German and English is the children hang on the lips of the foreign colleagues But with a little help from the teacher ‘s own good to communicate together .
In the afternoon, then follows the actions of all groups in the Beuk. Each group has a nomination that has to do with stories focusing on fairy tales .
There is a veritable fashion show of the children to see. Witch songs are sung .
Fairy tales are portrayed by children . Stories and poems are read aloud .
Dances are staged , where the children are dressed . Finally, there is a mysterious dance of some children from group 8 .
The applause is heard this afternoon very good cases in the taste . A nice valve for all of the Comenius weekend.
After we say goodbye to the Luxembourg guests and some German guests because they went going home. With the others we’ll have dinner at the Greek in Heinsberg . Here are some members of our school site .
But everything comes to an end , so also this weekend . After dinner , we take an affectionate leave of the rest, but we see each other again soon in Paris , early June.
We can look back on a fantastic weekend . Thanks to all who have contributed to this weekend .